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We provide plumbing and heating repair and installation services at an affordable cost. Choose from our wide range of plumbing and heating services and get expert advice from our trained and licensed plumbing and heating technicians. Here is the list of services that we offer to our customers:

  1. Fixing System Leaks

    Leaks are a common problem and can occur anywhere and at anytime in the bathroom or kitchen pipes. They can be quite tricky to troubleshoot as it may be hard to get to the source of the problem. We can handle such complex leaking issues to ensure it is done by causing minimal damage and is cost effective as well at the same time.

  2. Replacing Broken Valves

    Valves can get easily broken with years of usage and sometimes replacement is the only solution which can be sometimes be found expensive. We have a vast supply of valve parts in stock that can be used in place of the new valve which can save you money and make plumbing a more economical option.

  3. Installing Bathroom Fixtures

    If you want to remodel your bathroom and upgrade your bathroom fixtures, we can help in installing the latest fixtures. We provide custom design and installation for showers, tubs, toilets, pedestal sinks, wall mounts for your home or work place. We only use high quality and branded fixtures that blend the latest technology for giving our customers the best experience.

  4. Installing Backflow Preventers

    The reverse flow of contaminated water in the building’s water supply is a rising concern among many residents. To address this issue, we have certified technicians who can test and install such systems to ensure a clean and hassle free water supply regularly.

Heating Services

Managing steam leaks - Steam leaks are a common issue and sometimes steam or heat may not be getting to the right places. We provide professional solutions to fix such problems by replacing broken radiator valves, expansion joints. Sometimes, there may be noises due to clanking pipes in the building which can be fixed by our heating technicians quickly and reduce the disturbances.

Resolving heating issues - The flow of water can be uneven because of defective valves, steam traps, uneven stream pressure etc. This may lead to lead to either too cold or too hot water in the building. Our heating experts can help resolve such issues within no time and provide suggestions for improving the situation.

Additional Services - In addition to the above services we also undertake roof tank cleaning activities that involve tank repairs, installation of new pipes, annual roof tank inspection, water purification etc.

Most plumbing and heating systems do not work well without pumps and hence we provide pump repairs and replacement services. Over the years, we have worked on different kinds of pumps including hot water circulation pumps, air conditioning, booster, condenser pumps.

Drain Cleaning - We use the best drain cleaning equipment to clean some of the common fixtures in the building or house drains in apartments. Most of our drain cleaning experts are trained and have the experience to troubleshoot some of the most complex drain related issues.

Maintaining Drain Lines - It is important to maintain the drain lines in the drain, waste or ventilation systems to prevent emergencies. We can help clear storm waters, roof drains, main house drainage systems etc.

Water Treatment and Purification - We provide water filtration services that includes both commercial and industrial water treatment along with household drinking water systems. Ultra Violet sanitizers, Cartridge filters, water softeners, depth filters and automatic ultra filter systems are some of the solutions that we use for water treatment which ensures clean, safe and pure water supply for your building or apartment.

Fire Suppression - Fire suppression systems can be critical to keep every home or building safe against possible fire threats. Overhead pipes, sprinkler heads, valves, hoses. Alarm systems are all extremely important as if one of them fails, the entire system can become useless. Our trained and certified fire technicians can help replace defective valves, pipes or assess any serious situation and take immediate measures to resolve any fire systems related issues.

Maintaining HVAC Systems - HVAC which ensures heating, cooling, ventilation needs to run smoothly at all times and hence regular maintenance is essential to keep them in good working condition. There can be numerous problems associated with HVAC systems including leaking at pipes and valves, replacement of piping, duct cleaning, condensation issues. Our technicians can provide the right solution to specific HVAC related issues and minimize the possibility of emergencies occurring in the future.

Small Repair Work - No work is big or small for us and we undertake all kinds of plumbing and heating repair activities including specialized plumbing related work. We can install fixtures, for faucets, shower valves, bidets, waste piping or fix washing machine drain lines, gas appliances.

Running toilets, leaking pipes and other such common issues must never be ignored and they may become worse, if left unchecked so a regular inspection and maintenance is critical for every home.

At Khaira Plumbing and heating company, we provide custom and tailor made solutions to resolve all your plumbing and heating related issues and ensure you get the full value of your money.

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“ The guys at your company are amazing! Your service has added a great value to my life. I love that I can jump to your site any time and have access to support 24/7”
Andrew Parent
“ Everything has just been fantastic! Now I have increased revenue, exposure and success. I would recommend this company to anyone.”
Adam Steinfeld
“ After a year of use, your service has transformed my whole life. I love it and would urge anyone in a similar situation to give it a try.”
Andy Lobster


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